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The Big Scramble: What was/is in my mind, what I want(ed) to do, what will be /has been launched. By the time you read this you may already know more than I did/do.

From the middle-1990s to early 2023,  I have completed or will have started 10 series of graphite drawings on translucent .07 mil. polyester substrates or exterior print installations or digital and graphite animations with the titles Modes of Escape, Misery of Men, Dark Storms, Art Dust, Rage-Hope Poetry Collaboration, Night Watch, Dark Beauty,  Come Close, Blind Spot,

Be the Museum exterior installation: You have 7 minutes and drawing animation exhibition Breaking Silence.

The starting point to see these series is


The smaller graphite and digital drawings and short digital drawing animation studies, some with soundworks inventions, for several of the series can be seen now on the Instagram Feed of my main website or directly on my Instagram site at jtartist21c

The Series has become the instigating focal point of an imperative I have promised to undertake to write a clear statement of my discoveries in making the drawings about what they mean to me and what all art-making means to me and how they are created in a spirit and purpose that circumvents art world marketing as its driving force and goal.

From this date the Big Scramble will continue at mostly a snail's pace; however, in due time it will attain turtle speed.

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