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2020  Delaware Valley Arts Alliance, Narrowsburg, NY; Daria Dorosh + John Tomlinson: Dark Beauty


2017  Margolis Brown Theater Center, Highland Lake, NY: Nightwatch Preview

2016  Denizen Art Place, Barryville, NY; OUT/RAGE, drawing projection and collaborative performance    

2009  Delaware Valley Arts Alliance, Narrowsburg, NY: So Much to Say [Not Enough Time]

2006  DIGit  Media  Arts  Exposition, Narrowsburg, NY:  small gestures/Modes  of  Escape,  video  &  sound

1999  The  Painting  Center,  Soho, NY: small  gestures/Modes  of  Escape

1992   55 Mercer Gallery,  NY: 1991  +/- : A  Continuous  Work

1986   9th  Precinct  Gallery, East  Village, NY: La  Stanza  a  Disegni



2001  Delaware Valley Arts Alliance: Anthony Biancoviso & John Tomlinson;                                     Narrowsburg, NY: Evolution and Variations: Heads • Hands • Vessels; drawings and ceramics



2018  Cacaofabriek, Helmond, Netherlands: A New York State of Mind: stories from the unusual suspects

2018  Hummingbird Gallery, Narrowsburg Union, Narrowsburg, NY: For the Love of Drawing

2017  Loft Gallery, Delaware  Valley  Arts  Alliance,  Narrowsburg,  NY: Night Watch

2016  Delaware  Valley  Arts  Alliance,  Narrowsburg,  NY:  Art  in  Sixes

2015  Delaware  Valley  Arts  Alliance,  Narrowsburg,  NY:  drawing  BIG : the  immediacy  of  touch;                Judy  Glantzman,  Liza  Phillips,  Esther  Podemski,  John  Tomlinson  (curator  and  exhibitor)

2015  Central  Booking,  Lower  East  Side,  NY:  FUSION

2014  The  Painting  Center,  NY:  21  &  Counting

2013 to 2019  Delaware  Valley  Arts  Alliance,  Narrowsburg,  NY:  Art  in  Sixes

2013  NOoSphere  Arts,  NY:  I  Am  My  World

2012  North  American  Cultural  Laboratory  (NACL),  Highland  Lake,  NY:  sorta  kinda  LIKE  Art

2010  The  Painting  Center,  NY:  New  Walls  Fresh  Paint

2009  Brattleboro  Museum  &  Art  Center,  Vermont:  As  Others  See  Us : The  Contemporary  Portrait

2007  Barryville  Area  Arts  Association  at  ECCE,  Barryville,  NY:  Art  with  a  View

2006  [PAM]  Perpetual  Art  Machine  at  Art  Basel/Miami  Beach:  small  gestures/Modes  of  Escape;

motion  drawing  video  &  sound;  curated  by  Michael  Rush

2006  Black  Bear  Film  Festival,  Milford,  PA:  small  gestures/Modes  of  Escape

motion  drawing  digital  video  &  soundworks

1999  Temple  Bar  Gallery;  Dublin,  Ireland:  Artists  from  The  Painting  Center,  New  York

1996  Valencia  College  Art  Gallery,  Orlando,  Florida:  Working  Relationships,  with  Daria  Dorosh

1994  New  York  Law  School,  NY:  The  Self-Portrait  Show  ;  sponsored  by  Art  Initiatives

1993  Bard  College  Art  Center,  Annandale-on-Hudson,  NY:  The  Human  Figure  in  Contemporary  Art

1992  A.I.R.  Gallery  Invitational,  NY:  Women  Choose  Men

1991  Luckenbach  Mill  Gallery,  Bethlehem,  Pennsylvania:  Tiles,  Tiles,  Tiles:  Handmade  Ceramic  Tiles

1985  The  Bronx  Museum  of  the  Arts,  NY:  Curator’s  Choice:  Contemporary  Painting  and  Sculpture

1985  9th  Precinct  Gallery,  East  Village,  NY:  Alter  Egos:  Four  Figural  Artists

1980  National  Arts  Club,  NY:  Drawing  Exhibition:  Black  and  White


2006  Fellowship  for  Visual  Artists  Grant,  Delaware  Valley  Arts  Alliance,  Narrowsburg,  NY

1980  President’s  Award;  Black  and  White  Drawing  Exhibition;  National  Arts  Club,  NY

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